'A picture tells a thousand words': but whose?
Thursday 9 November, 6pm–8pm
An in conversation with CCP Curator, Pippa Milne and Clare Wright, presenter of Radio National's podcast Shooting the Past. Followed by discusions of their favourite work from An unorthodox flow of images by Daniel Boetker-Smith, Natalie Thomas, Joyce Agee, Simon Laham and Jake Treacy.
Download 'A picture tells a thousand words': but whose? recording MP3, 19.2MB

Codes of practice: Indigenous subjects and Indigenous photographers
Thursday 2 November, 6pm–8pm
This panel discussion, chaired by Stephen Gilchrist, considered the ethical and cultural codes of practice when working with Indigenous subjects and photographers, the representation of Indigenous communities, the legacy of images of deceased people, the politics of witness and our responsibilities as curators and audience.
Chair: Stephen Gilchrist. Speakers: Lisa Hilli, Kirsten Lyttle, Léuli Eshr?ghi, Kimberley Moulton and Maree Clarke.
Download Codes of practice part 1 recording MP3, 19.2MB
Download Codes of practice part 2 recording MP3, 26.2MB

The Transit Lounge
Saturday 21 October, 3pm–7:30pm
A symposium on the ever-changing states of photography from the invention of the medium to the digital present. Coordinated by Patrick Pound. Presenters: Geoffrey Batchen, Martyn Jolly, Elisa deCourcy, Naomi Cass and Pippa Milne.
Download The Transit Lounge recording MP3, 114MB


Everybody is an Artist: Photography and Selfhood in the Work of Wendy Ewald
Thursday 17 October 2013
Wendy Ewald in conversation with Louise Neri (Melbourne Festival Creative Associate Visual Arts)
Download Everybody is an Artist: Photography and Selfhood in the Work of Wendy Ewald recording MP3, 52MB

Around Photography: An Artists' Forum
Wednesday 8 May 2013
Christo Crocker, Danica Chapell, Geoff Robinson, Kiron Robinson and Jo Scicluna
Download Around Photography: An Artists' Forum recording MP3, 50MB

Robert Rooney: A Night of Talks
Wednesday 24 April 2013
Artist Philip Brophy, writer and curator David Homewood and Martyn Jolly, Head of Photography and Media Arts, ANU School of Art, speak on and around the work of Robert Rooney.
Download Robert Rooney: A Night of Talks recording MP3, 50MB


Unpicking the Constructed Photograph: Artists Speak About Their Process
Thursday 17 October 2012
Siri Hayes, David Rosetzky, Darren Sylvester and Anne Zahalka
Download Unpicking the Constructed Photograph lecture recording MP3, 54MB

Gregory Crewdson
In conversation with Naomi Cass, CCP Director

Wednesday 10 October 2012
Download Gregory Crewdson lecture recording MP3, 49.5MB

Anne Noble
Artist Talk

Wednesday 12 September 2012
Download Anne Noble's lecture recording MP3, 46MB

Sandra Barnard
In conversation with Naomi Cass, CCP Director

Wednesday 5 September 2012
Download Sandra Barnard's lecture recording MP3, 52MB

Kim Simon
Curating Sticky Images in the context of TPW

Thursday 30 August 2012
Download Kim Simon's lecture recording MP3, 40.4MB

Richard Billingham
Artist Talk

Thursday 23 August 2012
Download Richard Billingham's lecture recording MP3, 46.4MB


Without Words Exhibition Panel Discussion
Friday 22 July 2011
Panel discussion with presentations by Without Words curator Kyla McFarlane and exhibiting artist Tom Nicholson, chaired by Professor Gerry Simpson, Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law.
Download Kyla McFarlane's lecture recording MP3, 8.5MB
Download Tom Nicholson's lecture recording MP3, 5.4MB

Kodak Salon Lecture: George Eastman House: Past, Present, Future
Wednesday 25 May 2011
Dr Alison Nordström surveys the history of George Eastman House-the oldest museum of its kind in the world-since its opening in 1947.
Download Alison Nordström's lecture recording MP3, 29.7MB

Victor Burgin
Face À l'Histoire

Wednesday 16 March 2011
Download Victor Burgin's lecture recording MP3, 45.5MB

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