From Capture to Print

'Les Walkling's far reaching knowledge and enthusiasm goes a long way in reconciling artistic intent with the processes and discipline of the digital age.'

'Les' workshops are a great resource for photographers as a whole.'

'I have learnt far more than I had hoped for! Thanks Les

This three day event from Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th January covers the contemporary digital imaging workflow; from camera skills to the processing and archiving of images and their subsequent preparation and printing for exhibition, photo books and web pages.

Memorable photographs are created, not found. Therefore learning how your camera 'represents the world' and how to change its appearance through your camera's functions and controls are critically important skills. Your camera needs to become an extension of your feelings so it never gets in the way.

But merely capturing well exposed photographs doesn't make them interesting or engaging, and images on a hard drive don't have a life of their own. Therefore we also need to investigate the creative control involved in processing our own images, as well as their efficient organisation, retrieval and archiving in Adobe Lightroom.

Files are prepared and printed and matched to different papers and printing processes. Working with Pro Labs and boutique printers, as well as exhibition printing and photo books are covered with numerous real-world examples. Images are sequenced and arranged on walls, in books, and web pages, while histories and theories of visual art are incorporated to expand your creative practice and artistic outcomes.

A 'hands-on' inquiry based approach emphasises learning through 'experimentation', where the aim is to develop an informed creative practice supported by an efficient and effective imaging workflow.

It is specifically designed for photographers and artists who are either relatively new to the world of digital imaging, or who are looking for an efficient refresher or extension course. While it is not essential for each participant to own a digital camera and laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom installed, those who do are encouraged to bring them along. Participants might also enrol in this course to help them decide what equipment and software best meets their needs.

Centre for Contemporary Photography
404 George Street, Fitzroy
Tuesday 16 January—Thursday 18 January 2018

$610 (Non Member)
$550 (CCP Member)

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