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Volunteering at CCP

Volunteers play an integral role in the everyday running of CCP, as well as providing vital support to public programs and events. They bring interest, experience and skills to the day-to-day activities of CCP, and in turn learn new skills and develop opportunities and networks.

CCP offers various options for volunteering, which include Casual and Event Volunteers, Front of House Volunteers, and Installation/De-installation Volunteers.

Casual and Event Volunteers are essential for the running of public programs and events, and is suited to those with an interest in event management. CCP welcomes volunteers who only have casual availability/interest, but may also recruit more regular volunteers from the pool of Casual and Event Volunteers.

Front of House Volunteers provide essential customer service to gallery visitors and undertake regular shifts once per week throughout the exhibition program calendar. Front of House Volunteers have a more involved role within CCP and are required to attend regular training sessions. The Front of House positions are suited to those with an interest in administration, customer service and management.

Installation/De-installation Volunteers assist artists, curators, external contractors and CCP staff in the de/installation of exhibitions in the gallery by undertaking physical work and providing administrational support from time to time. This position is suited to those with an interest in the physical realisation of exhibitions. CCP greatly appreciates the help of volunteers with installation and artwork handling experience, but also encourages assistance from volunteers who wish to gain experience in installation.

Detailed descriptions for all volunteer positions can be downloaded below.
Casual and Event Volunteer Position Description
Front of House Volunteer Position Description
Installation/De-installation Volunteer Position Description

Volunteers are managed by Gallery Manager, Linsey Gosper. CCP strives to match volunteers with tasks and roles which best suit their abilities and interests, and therefore encourages volunteers to inform the Front of House Manager of the particular areas in which they want to volunteer.

To become a CCP volunteer, please complete the online registration form.

CCP Volunteer applications are accepted throughout the year and remain active in the database for two years. CCP regrets that there may not be opportunities for all applicants.

Please note; Volunteer applications are accepted from individuals aged 18 and over. 

CCP Volunteers

Sue Neal, Kylie Chan, Karina Kusdinar, Ruth Clifford, Ellen Rafferty, Therese Jenkins, Asta Cameron, Emma McEvoy, Phil Portellos, Susannah Britt, Yris Apsit, Victoria Holessis, Moss Wood, Nathan Larkin, Hayley Benoit, Zoe Kimpton, Tim Fenby, Simon Walsh, Sarah McKechnie, Jessica Donham, Rosie Howell, Elizabeth Johnston, Nicolette Capeleris, Tien Nguyen, Louise Choi, Luke Tarrant, Sandra Dimitrijevic, Gemma Eades, Jessy Reese, Josh Starick, Holly Russell, Anne Dribbisch, Eloyse McCall, Bianca Winataputr,i Katie Rabar, Tom Hvala, Mark Hill, Clara Guzman, Flavia Dent, Gabriel Janover, Lauren Lowe, Nora Meralls, Azka Amalina, Alejandra Olavarria, Xiaoran MA, Elisa Maccioni, Pia Gonzales, Jessica De Mercurio, Joshua Blakiston, Amber Ter Hedde, Isabel koslowsky, Chloe Reeson, Liss Fenwick, Annie Kallinikos, Ringvida Jonuskyte, Alysha Redston, Sarah Jones, Annick Sauer, Brooke Ainscow, Jo Salt, Rachel Pearce, Jade Mulvaney, Hester Lyon, Alexandra Klages, Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle, Bridget Griffiths, Lucie McGough, Annika Kafcaloudis, Bella Johnson and Marek Dague.

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